Quadrox US Introduces “Eye-witness” – an effective tool to help installers convince customers of the necessity and benefits of video recording.

eye witnessHenderson, Nevada (October 2, 2007) - Quadrox US, a leading provider of Network Video Security management solutions, today announced the release of “Eye-witness”, an interactive movie created to assist installers in illustrating the necessity and benefits of video recording to their customers.

Eye-witness” is presented in a game format where the customer becomes a player and is an eye witness to a crime. The movie presents a crime scene and is then followed by questions the player (customer) can answer. Afterwards the test results are evaluated by running through the scene again and the player is confronted with what was missed during a single observation.

Using a game like interactive movie, an installer can deliver and prove the limitations of live observations to a customer. At the same time it is clearly presented in the movie exactly how video recordings help overcome these limitations.

"Eye-witness” is an effective tool to convince customers that recording is an essential part of a CCTV installation, which will result in extra sales for installers and increased safety for customers.

The interactive movie can be downloaded for free from our website.

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Quadrox is a leading provider of digital video security solutions. Its standards-based WebCCTV™ product family provides an efficient and reliable infrastructure by which companies can distribute, update and manage video sources and content over corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet. Quadrox European offices are located in Belgium. Quadrox US offices are located in Henderson, Nevada.

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