Quadrox Introduces ATMGuard Featuring ATM and Network Video Surveillance Data on One Screen

Henderson, Nevada (November 17, 2006) - Quadrox US, the market leader in standards-based Network Video Security solutions, has announced the release of ATMGuard, an add-on product to the company's main software GuardNVR that allows linking surveillance video of the area in front of the ATM with ATM transaction data.

ATMGuard is an innovative CCTV solution customized for the Banking Industry. It is designed to detect suspicious ATM transactions and possible fraud scenarios and assist in their investigation. ATMGuard has proved to be a strong deterrent against fraud and lead to loss reduction and increased productivity.

ATMGuard offers unique features that allow:

  • ATM guardLive monitoring and 24 hour recording of the activities in front of the ATM
  • Remote monitoring and centralized protection of multiple ATM sites
  • Linking synchronized transaction and video data
  • Simultaneous remote viewing, recording and playback
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of the system
  • Longer storage of transaction video data
  • Instant remote alarm notification
  • Search and retrieval of transaction video based on camera, date, time, free text or transaction details.



ATMGuard easily integrates with other applications, as it is the most standards-based network video surveillance solution on the market. It is currently compliant with the following 4 IT Industry standards:

  • ASF (native recording of a video in a standard file format)
  • Standard Compression Codecs (JPEG, JPEG-2000, MPEG-4, WM-9)
  • OPC (Open Process Control to handle alarms in a standardized way)
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

Being web-based ATMGuard allows remote video monitoring of various ATM sites through LAN or WAN using Internet Explorer. ATMGuard is a flexible and future-proof solution that supports both network and analog surveillance cameras, thus lowering the cost of ownership of various Banking Industry solutions and increasing profitability.

About Quadrox

Its standards-based WebCCTV™ product family provides an efficient and reliable infrastructure by which companies can distribute, update and manage video sources and content over corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet. Quadrox US office is located in Henderson, Nevada. Quadrox European office is located in Belgium.

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