Quadrox Exception Reporting


 Highly effective solution in building better business
with reduced loss and stronger profitability


QER uses exception based reporting methods that easily identify, track, and respond to unusual point-of-sale activity. QER identifies trends associated with key performance indicators and automatically sends alerts to investigators or other designated personnel. Suspicious transactions can be identified at store, departmental or corporate level, regardless of whether the shrinkage is due to intentional fraud or innocent non-compliance.‚Äč 


Key Benefits:

  • Identify employee fraud and collect court-admissible video evidence.
  • Resolve compliance issues and identify training issues early and easily
  • Improve operational deficiencies, enforce process compliance
  • Provide easy access to queries by field and store staff
  • Measure operational performance
  • Year on year payback - ROI within 6 months
  • Significantly reduce losses and protect margin



QER helps to identify the root causes of profit loss 

QER will have an immediate impact on profitability, operational efficiency, and employee productivity. QER is the first solution in which security video is seamlessly blend into the QER exception reporting making auditing seamless QER allows you to be where you are not. Every transaction can be visualized through high quality video footage.



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