Limitation of liability

Quadrox N.V. is liable as a supplier of products. Since the circumstances in which these products are ordered and used
are under control of the buyer, the latter recognizes his responsibility for these circumstances. On these grounds the
remedies of the buyer are limited as follows:
The liability of Quadrox N.V. for real and proven damages will, regardless of the gravity of the failure, except in case of
fraud, be limited to the price of the product directly related to the reason of the claim.
Under no circumstances an indemnity can be grounded on indirect damages such as, but not limited to, loss of revenue,
increase of expenses, disturbance of planning, loss of customers or goodwill, loss of benefits or expected savings or any
other financial or commercial losses which are not a direct and immediate consequence of a shortcoming of Quadrox
N.V. in its obligations.
Buyer agrees to control the conformity of any delivered product with his order, before using it. Should buyer omit to
perform such control or decide to nevertheless use a non-conformable product, he frees Quadrox N.V. from any liability
for the consequences of the use of such product.

Term of delivery

In most instances the term of delivery includes the usual delivery time needed by a courier services company. Buyer
agrees that Quadrox N.V. will not be held responsible for any late delivery if due to the courier services company.

Payment conditions

Except when particular payment terms have been agreed, payment is due within 30 days after invoice date. However,
Quadrox reserves the right to send moulds cash on delivery only. Complaints have to be filed within 10 days after invoice
date. Late payment will cause, ipso jure and without notice, a late payment charge of 1.5% for each elapsed and/or
started month. In addition, overdue amounts will be increased by 15% for sales in Belgium and by 20% for sales outside
Belgium (due to higher collection cost), ipso jure and without notice, with a minimum of 50 Euro as a forfeit for indemnity.
Quadrox N.V. will retain full ownership of any and all products till complete payment of the related invoice.
Distinct elements of an order may be invoiced separately, as they are executed. Quadrox N.V. reserves the right not to
execute the following elements of an order, not to execute a following order or to stop delivery, as long as the payment of
already invoiced elements is overdue.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

All sales are subject to Belgian law. In case of litigation, only the courts of Leuven will be competent.


By ordering, the buyer accepts explicitly the above terms and conditions. He agrees not to refer to any of the terms and
conditions that might appear on documents sent to Quadrox N.V.

This document was last updated in 2012.


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