Most Standards-Based Video Management Sytem on the Market

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  • WebCCTV VMS is a cost-effective video management system that supports advanced functions and introduces a new dimension of reliability and performance into the world of security in an extremely user-friendly way.

  • WebCCTV VMS is a high-quality solution that supports all possible standards and focuses on ease of use.

  • WebCCTV VMS is a turnkey solution that consists of reliable hardware backed by an onsite warranty and optimally installed video management and operating system software.

  • WebCCTV VMS 90% of all network cameras and 99.9% of analogue cameras sold on the market. As new cameras become available new camera drivers can be easily added on.

  • Intuitive Wizards Guidance

         With the intuitive wizards’ guidance through the con­figuration processes WebCCTV VMS is easy to usе even by an inexperienced user.usе even by an inexperienced user.

  • One-Click Network Camera Setup

         Automatic network camera setup enables convenient one-click setup for network cameras. New network cameras are configured and added automatically.

  • Worry Free Storage Management

         WebCCTV VMS supports multiple storage volumes that allow the storage capacity to be extended and the disk load to be optimised. The relevance of the data is determined by age and metadata.

  • Advanced Recording

          Permanent, activity-based, alarm triggered, etc. with each setting made on a per camera basis.

  • Instant Remote Access

          Remote viewing of live or pre-recorded video from any­where in the world via TCP/IP networks. No special cli­ent side viewing software required.

  • Fast Image Retrieval

          Retrieval of recorded video and the associated data of any event.

  • Virtual Patrol

          Simulates a touring guard with time-controlled pan/tilt/ zoom cameras rated for continuous motion.

  • Health Monitoring Service

          Immediate notification in the case of a system component fault.

  • Instant Remote Alarm Notification

          Notification of the alarm via e-mail or SMS, and instant access to the alarm video footage.

  • Active-Directory User Management

          Defines an unlimited number of password-controlled users with customised access privileges. Allows for track­ing user’s actions through advanced logging functions.

  • Advanced Logging

          Complete and clear overview of all user and system ac­tivities and interactions.

  • Megapixel Video Data Transmission over Low Bandwidth

          Megapixel network camera data transmission over low bandwidth for both live view and recordings. This fea­ture gives the option to choose high or low bandwidth depending on the available bandwidth and/or the neces­sity of detail in both live images and recordings.

  • Multiple Live Viewing Models

          Live camera images in single view or in up to 9 user con­figurable mosaic views. View cameras continuously or sequence them per viewer reference.

  • Masking and Activity Detection

          Maximise storage space using sophisticated masking in combination with graphically represented activity threshold levels.


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