Quadrox US Introduces Quick Serve Restaurant Web/CCTV KIT Tailored for Selected Vertical Markets

WebCCTV KitHenderson, Nevada (February 22, 2007) - Quadrox US, a leading provider of Network Video Security management solutions, today announced the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Web/CCTV KIT, a POS integrated CCTV product, which can be pre-configured specifically for the Retail Industry. Additionally, a customization service is now available directly through Quadrox US whereby customers can have their Internet access requirements tailored for their specific needs.

QSR Web/CCTV KIT consists of a WebCCTV Network Video Recorder and 4 Panasonic network cameras. Also included in the kit are the Panasonic BB-HGW700A Camera Management System and a Network switch. The product is designed for unique customer requirements, as network cameras in the kit can be automatically configured by the router and then integrated with the WebCCTV Network Video Recorder to create a plug-and-play installation with minimal customer/installer intervention.

By taking advantage of the Quadrox US customization service additional security benefits can be attained. According to Lawrence Buckley, Quadrox US President, "we have been working closely with franchise owners of a large well-known quick serve restaurant chain to provide an alternative to their current solution. The Quadrox solution allows for a POS terminal to be able to process credit and customer loyalty cards, access selected web sites for food ordering purposes, and transmit sales data to HQ locations while blocking all other inbound and outbound internet access. Additionally, these customers need the ability to access their surveillance cameras and recorders remotely from anywhere in the world by authorized users". Buckley further stated, "I presented this problem to Panasonic engineers who offered the BB-HGW700A Camera Management System. We then programmed it for exactly the web sites and network ports needing to be accessed. This solution represents a tremendous advantage to customers who worry about unauthorized access to the Internet and employees exposing sensitive POS equipment through misuse."

Quadrox US is now offering the QSR Web/CCTV KIT through Jenne Distributors (www.jenne.com), a Cleveland, Ohio-based distributor for Panasonic and Quadrox products that takes advantage of this new service. By purchasing QSR Web/CCTV KIT from Jenne, resellers can take advantage of cash back incentives associated with this simple-to-use solution that requires minimum configuration and have access to the fee-based customization services offered directly from Quadrox.

According to Buckley, "this retail application kit is suitable for use across the quick serve restaurant industry of which there are over 100,000 locations in the US alone. Additionally, convenience markets, filling stations and virtually any small retail operation with the need for POS terminals, back office PCs, video surveillance cameras and network video recorders are candidates for this solution".

About Quadrox

Quadrox is a leading provider of digital video security solutions. Its standards-based WebCCTV™ product family provides an efficient and reliable infrastructure by which companies can distribute, update and manage video sources and content over corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet.Quadrox US office is located in Henderson, Nevada. Quadrox European office is located in Belgium.

Quadrox US can be reached in Henderson, Nevada, by phone (+1)702-564-6340, or by e-mail: info@webcctv.com 

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