Herent, Belgium (April 07, 2017)

Quadrox® Inc, the market leader in standards-based network video solutions, announces the release of GuardNVR version 6.5. This solution is a high quality web-based network Video Management Software from Quadrox that supports all applicable IT Standards and focuses on ease of use.

New features for WebCCTV 6.5 :

HTML-5 thin client for mobile usage

An intuitive HTML-5 compliant thin client is available that works on Android, iOS or Windows Phone OS. Both live view and playback are supported. It requires no installation of additional software for phone users. The Thin client works on phones, tablets and PC or Mac’s.

New FastTouch Release

A new super intuitive client designed from the ground up for Touch on Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7. It is designed to search superfast through hours of often chaotic video footage from multiple cameras using thumbnails in an innovative way. At the tip of your finger, you will also find our smart search function  which allows for optimized queries. It now also features synchronised playback.

Quadrox delivers with this the first digital video recording solution where all clients on all platforms are natively designed to be touch enabled.

Onvif profile S & G

Full support for the latest Onvif profile S and G (on camera storage) standards.

Raspberry Pi I/O

Raspberry Pi’s are now natively supported as I/O device to trigger or receive alarms where on camera Alarms are not sufficient.

Multiple stream recording and playback support

Playback and display can now take place at the best resolution depending on device and bandwidth. For example in a mosaic a VGA resolution will be used while in single view 2-3 megapixel resolutions are used. 

About Quadrox

Quadrox is a leading provider of digital video security solutions. Its standards-based retail product family provides an efficient and reliable infrastructure by which companies can distribute, update and manage video sources and content over corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet. Quadrox European offices are located in Belgium.


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