> Retail Solutions

QPOS Link is a specific video solution that matches surveillance video of the area around POS with POS transaction data such as: receipt information, transaction IDs, item numbers, register numbers, employee numbers, location or amounts. It allows you to detect suspicious transactions and possible fraud scenarios and reduce shrinkage by organising efficient monitoring of the POS area.

QTrend is an easy-to-install and customizable retail solution which collects data on store visitors, estimates visit trends and generates user-friendly reports based on the collected data.

QCount is a solution that delivers accurate store occupancy data. It consists of a network camera with an on-board counting algorithm. The counting data can be sent to either a local or a headquarter-based server. Graphical occupancy/activity reports are generated based on this data.

QPresence represents the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience and security of biometric authentication.

QER is exception reporting solution from Quadrox, in which security video is seamlessly blend into the exception reporting, that helps to identify suspicious transactions and protect your margin.

> Edge Storage Appliances


WebCCTV VMS is the most standards-based network video recorder available on the market. As new standards emerge expect Quadrox to be the first to support them.


WebCCTV VMS4 is a cost-effective network video solution that supports advanced functions and introduces a new dimension of reliability and performance into the world of security in an extremely user-friendly way.

> Security Software

QGuard is high-quality web based video management system that supports all possible standards and focuses on ease of use.

Quadrox License Plate Recognition is a video analytics engine inside QGuard.

Quadrox Video Analytics is a highly reliable video analytics system which offers an easy to use, cost-effective, highly accurate and flexible solution for multiple surveillance applications.

> Services

QMonitor provides a 24/7 remote service designed to keep your security solution operating efficiently. Instead of managing WebCCTV systems at your locations, you can delegate it to a team of qualified and experienced professionals at our Quadrox Service and Support Center.

Quadrox Advanced Guarding Services
Quadrox Advanced Guarding Services provide you with high tech Remote Guarding Services that are more effective and less expensive than traditional guarding. You can delegate system monitoring, data gathering and analysis of store and plant operations to Quadrox Monitoring Center.‚Äč

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