License Plate Recognition Video Engine


Quadrox License Plate Recognition (QLPR) is available as a video analytics engine inside QGuard. QLPR is the perfect solution for customers wishing to read and index license plates. The QLPR engine is designed for vehicle access control, parking, traffic control and law enforcement applications. Various alarm scenarios can be configured depending on application.  

QVisit Scan is a store analytics solution: gives information on the amounts of visitors and passers-by


Key Features

  • Detection of license plates either stationary or moving
  • Multiple alarm scenarios
  • Works in combination with Quadrox Video Analytics engine
  • Supports IP and analogue cameras



  • Vehicle access control such as parking garage toll collection or assisted visitor management
  • Bus lane enforcement
  • Border crossings monitoring
  • Traffic Control 




Download QLPR brochure UK


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