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Biometric time clock that connects directly to the сloud

A study by APA (American Payroll Association) shows that by adopting an automated time and attendance system, companies can save up to 4% of annual payroll expense.

QPresence – affordable presence reporting         

QPresence enjoys the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience  and security of biometric (fingerprint) authentication.                                                                                                          

With QPresence you can:

  • Reduce costly payroll errors from manually calculated employee hours or inaccurate time cards
  • Eliminate inflated labor hours and buddy punching with biometric time clock
  • Quickly generate reports that provide better insight on employee presence records
  • Significantly reduce time required to process employee time and attendance data


QPresence functions as a cloud service which means that the system is managed remotely for you. In case of Internet failure, the system can still function based on the previously registered users. Attendance data is temporarily stored locally until the internet connection is stored. If a fingerprint system would fail, you will be informed automatically. The service free is so low that an organization cannot benefit by doing the time tracking themselves.


Download QPresence brochure :


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