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Your customers will never sincerely confess whether they love or hate visiting your store – the only feedback you get is falling sales. Now you can have wordless and priceless comments on your service, product range optimization, effectiveness of merchandising and advertisement campaigns.


QTrend is a soon-to-be-released solution developed specifically for the spheres of retail and entertainment. QTrend collects data on the amount of customers, average visit number and duration. The solution is easy-to-install and customizable to the requirements of each client.

QVisit Scan is a store analytics solution: gives information on the amounts of visitors and passers-by

Store Analytics
QTrend generates real-time user-friendly customer reports like:

  • Number of visits
  • Average visit duration
  • Visit frequency
  • Unique visitors
  • Visit duration trend
  • New and returning visitors
  • Top visitors



Know Your Visitors - Keep Track On Attendance In The Store

QTrend allows identifying new, regular and unique visitors in your store.
The “unique visitors” feature makes it possible to keep track of the real amount of new visitors in the store. You can have the QTrend reports customized according to the specifics of your business.


Estimate Your Store’s PotentialQVisit Scan is a specific retail and entertainment visitor trend scanning solution
QTrend allows getting the information both on store visitors and on passers by. That allows you to trace the customer behavior trend.


With QTrend you get:

  • Improved store operations
  • Better customer service
  • Efficient staffing
  • Adjusted advertisement budget


Know Seasonal Effects That Take Place In Your Store
The ingenious feature of QTrend is that the longer the time span the more functions and data it allows you to use. One of these effects is getting to know the seasonal trends, which allows for better planning of entertainment, shopping events and staff planning. Now you do not need to struggle hard to attract and serve the visitors: you can efficiently plan your staffing needs and marketing initiatives because you can forecast the customer inflow.


Evaluate the Effectiveness of Shopping Events
What unites all the people in the entertainment and retail business is their endless struggle for precise results of events they organize. QTrend provides accurate evaluation of shopping and entertainment events. It delivers the data on the amount of visitors on the day of the event, the amount of comebacks after the event, etc.


Estimate the Amounts of New And Regular Visitors
QTrend allows you to have wordless feedback on the effectiveness of your advertising, entertainment and merchandising initiatives. You can keep track of the number of your incoming and regular visitors and match this information with the events organized at your store.


Evaluate and Upgrade Merchandising Policy
The retail solution from Quadrox allows for smarter organization of your store interior. You can have the data on customers attending various departments of the store, cash registers and entrances and better measure the in-store customer concentrations.

QVisit Scan generates reports on the Number of visits, Average visit duration, Visit frequency, Unique visitors, Visit duration trend, New and returning visitors, Top visitors



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