Most Standards-Based Surveillance Software

Optimize Management – Increase Your Bottom Line

QGuard is high-quality video management system that is standards-based and focuses on ease of use. It supports all Onvif compliant network cameras sold on the market. As new standards and cameras become available new drivers can be easily added.

Synchronised playback of multiple cameras, playback of video based on time or alarm events with a graphical representation of activity levels.

QGuard can be installed as a separate server or integrated with existing solutions through its free software development kit (SDK).

Use of IT standards considerably reduces the total cost of ownership of various applications such as point of sale, petrol station, or alarm system.

QGuard is compatible and easy application solution, that allows interoperability with other systems and gives freedom to choose hardware and software suppliers for future purchases.

Product Benefits:

Advanced Recording

Permanent, activity-based, alarm triggered or a combination of all of the above with each setting made on a per camera basis.

Instant Remote Access

Remote viewing of live or prerecorded video from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP networks.

Advanced Playback

Synchronised playback of multiple cameras playback of video based on time or alarm events with a graphical representation of activity levels.

Advanced Logging

QGuard logbook gives a complete and clear overview of all user and system activities and interactions.

Instant Remote Alarm Notification

Notification of the alarm via e-mail or SMS, and instant access to the alarm video footage.

Health Monitoring Service

QGuard features a Health Monitoring Service that upon detection of system component faults immediately notifies the operator.

Masking and Activity Detection

Maximise storage space using sophisticated masking in combination with graphically represented activity threshold levels.

Martin McColl operates a leading nationwide network of convenience and newsagent stores. As a large-scale retailer with 1,250 outlets and 13,000 employees, the company has long relied on POS technology to support its in-store and back office operations. For its new POS technology Martin McColl selected Torex Power 4 Convenience – a fully integrated video POS system created […]

Jul 29, 2017


First Security’s Specialist Services Division, a business unit launched to deliver specific value-added services to its blue-chip customer base, has opted for sophisticated WebCCTV and Enterprise. Service applications from Quadrox to provide standards-based network video surveillance solutions to the market to augment the company’s core manned guarding capability.

Mar 26, 2016


Romanian Business Consult (RBC), Romanian market leader of integrated IT solutions for retail and food industry, and Quadrox, market leader in standards-based network video solutions are announcing their cooperation agreement. The purpose of this project is to help retailers to keep retail staff and customers honest which holds prices down for customers by providing  them with [...]

Jul 18, 2015


Van Reeth is a chain of completely automated petrol stations spread throughout Belgium. As the number of petrol stations in the chain was growing, Van Reeth began looking for an effective management solution that would allow protecting petrol stations against vandalism and fraud, increasing chain productivity and improving petrol stations management.

Mar 26, 2013


Telenet, a subsidiary of Liberty Media International Inc., is the largest provider of broadband cable services in Belgium. The company’s business comprises the provision of basic and premium cable television, high-speed Internet, and telephony services all across Belgium and Luxembourg. The continuous company expansion required the use of a scalable security solution that could grow […]

Aug 26, 2007


Zeeman Group operates almost 1100 Zeeman TextielSupers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. Its formula is characteristic of high-level uniformity and low prices. For the video surveillance, Zeeman wanted a single wireless camera that could be placed at trouble areas in the shops while other cameras needed to function over existing twisted-pair cables.

Apr 08, 2007


The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Events are the world’s greatest auto auctions. The 36th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event took place in Scottsdale, Arizona, on January 15 – 21, 2007. This year the Scottsdale auction featured more than 1,600 of the world’s finest collector automobiles and attracted over 225,000 visitors. Barrett-Jackson bidders snapped up 1,271 total […]

Jan 12, 2007


Profitability in fast-food restaurants demands more than good food and sound marketing. It also requires avoiding seven deadly profitability problems: employee sloppiness, poor customer service, inadequate staffing during peak hours, slip-and-fall court suits, shrinkage, vandalism, and burglary. To protect profit margins for John Zirkel’s 50 Nevada restaurants, he uses Quadrox WebCCTV NVR video surveillance systems.

Jan 04, 2007


Quadrox announced a new software development kit (SDK) for receiving, displaying, and storing video data on digital networks. This kit will enable OEM partners to develop their own products quickly and easily.

Feb 14, 2002


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